Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Praise report!!

As some of you know, I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago (I'll try to post about what lead up to this monumental decision one of these days soon). I had a migraine that morning while I was getting prepped for surgery. While I was going under, the anesthesiologist also gave me Toradol to keep my migraine under control so I didn't have it when I woke up. I have been migraine free since that day! Four whole weeks without a migraine!! Hallelujah!! Thank you, Jesus! Wow, I didn't even remember what it's like to be migraine free for so long. I did have a period of a couple years without chronic migraines till the twins were about a year old but since I was 11, I have had migraines off and on and since I had Brighton they have been more frequent "friends" with me.

Yesterday was the first day I haven't taken an anti-depressant since we tried an anti-epileptic medication last year to help control my migraines and it backfired and plunged me into a depression that I couldn't talk myself out of (either self-help or with the help of a counselor friend). It took 3 different anti-depressants (two were trial and error and the third one helped) to pull me out of that deep, dark pit. I have even forgot to take my blood pressure meds (now only 25 mg a day -down from 200mg a day) for a couple of days and when I took my blood pressure at home it was amazing (115-70ish range). This hasn't happened since before I was pregnant with Brighton. I did have some really low blood pressures while in the hospital on bed rest with the twins but that doesn't count because I was in rest and relax mode with no "added stress"!

I'm loving this new healthy normal for me and I'm looking forward to being off of lifting restrictions so I can start exercising with kettlebells and doing higher impact exercises than walking! :-)

The most drastic reduction in my migraines and my blood pressure has been due to using the auto CPAP machine to treat my obstructive sleep apnea. The new "no migraine in 4 weeks" development has been due to my hysterectomy and having my left ovary (my "bad" one) removed and I believe also due to this enforced "rest" while recovering from the surgery.

I'm looking forward to a year full of activity, lots of busy-ness without having to plan in "recovery" time, enjoying my family and bigger house!

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